Discipline Wheel Download-to-Own Training Course

Discipline Wheel Download-to-Own Training Course

This course includes:
> 12 minute instructional video (download-to-own)
> 46 page Guidebook
> Chart of Components of the Discipline Wheel
> Image of All Four Components

The Discipline Wheel offers a positive, proactive approach to guiding children’s behavior with no need for punishment or negative consequences. It is based on many years of experience with children of all ages, including children with challenging behaviors and special needs.

Parents and child care providers can use The Discipline Wheel to establish an important foundation for each child’s emotional and social success. By using The Discipline Wheel you can avoid power struggles and resolve those little conflicts that happen dozens of times each day. You will learn how to combine and balance four important skills into an effective way of communicating with children to help them develop high self esteem, respect for others, and a sense of responsibility for their own actions. The author, Laurie Simons, MA, is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with over 25 years experience helping parents and teachers understand children with challenging behaviors.

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Discipline Wheel Download-to-Own Training Course

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